Our company can develop the solution you need, for the application you dream

Hardware Design
Do you have a dream of a sensor designed to suit your application? STOP DREAMING MEN!! Wake up and contact us to give your dream it's shape!
Firmware Development
Dreams works because of your immagination, sensors because of the firmware.
We can develop the firmware you need to make your solution real.
Sensor Local Production
Your dreams are made true by our highly-specialized workers that builds your solutions in our production line.
Product Assembly
We can build your fineshed products in our lines.
If your dream becomes real, we can also help you how to deal with it.
Our IoT sensors are based on LoRaWAN protocol.
Network and Application
We can also provide Networking and Applicative solutions for your application.
Global Shipment
The dreams we create can be shpped worldwide.


Do you have to realize a project and need to start from the hardware design of your sensor? Just explain us your needs  and we will design the hardware that suits your needs.
For the sensor we create for you we can create custom firmware functions aimed to nail your objectives.
Even in our "ready sensors" we can integrate our firmwares with functions designed to fit your use case.
Our higly qualified staff can produce your products in our production line and ensemble it, creating your finished product.
Our stuff provide services such as functional testing on each device we produce.
To provide a complete experience in the LoRaWan IoT world we can also support you for the sensors connectivity.
Start your experience with applications realized to use and menage the data collected by your sensors.

Latest News

Here are reported the latest news

  • CO2 Firmware 1.5.1 released
    CO2 Firmware 1.5.1 released Now even our CO2 sensor has been updated with the newest developed firmware. This version will allow the sensor configuration using the shell, as it is for all our other sensors. The requirements for this firmware is a microprocessor of 128Kb.
    Written on Sunday, 20 May 2018 15:50
  • PB Firmware 1.5.1 Released
    PB Firmware 1.5.1 Released The firmware 1.5.1 version for Industrial and home push buttons has been released. Both sensors will be compliant to the letest LoRaWan™ 1.0.2 protocol and the parameters of the two sensors will be configurable via shell.
    Written on Wednesday, 16 May 2018 14:46
  • CM Firmware 1.6.0
    CM Firmware 1.6.0 Released the firmware version 1.6.0 for the magnetic contacts. This version will allow the user to change every parameter of the sensor from the shell. In addition a new MODE has been implemented. This mode allow the user to check if the contact remains open more than a programmed period…
    Written on Wednesday, 16 May 2018 14:19

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