Available Frequencies
LoRa™ EU868
LoRa™ US915H
LoRa™ AU915
LoRa™ IN865
LoRa™ KR920
LoRa™ AS923
Weather stationThe Meteo Station WS2 is a device made to specifically to help the crop management with a set of certified sensors. The whole system is battery powered and can last for years without the need of a battery replacement. The installation is extremely easy, and it doesn’t require any cable connection. doesn’t require any cable connection. Examples of measurements that can be made are rain precipitation, environment temperature and humidity, leaf wetness, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, terrain humidity. Other kind of sensors can be connected to the system using the available busses. This product is born to be used together with a Decision Support System (DSS) . The communication is based on LoRaWAN protocol.


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